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Domestic Rental Vehicle Benefit

Domestic Rental Vehicle Collision Damage and Theft Excess Cover

This benefit applies to Platinum Advantage Visa Cardholders only.

If you rent a vehicle within New Zealand and pay the rental cost using your Platinum Advantage Visa card, you will be covered under the Domestic Rental Vehicle Collision Damage and Theft Excess Cover policy. This policy covers the excess you become legally liable to pay in the event your rental car is damaged or stolen during the rental period. A maximum rental period of 31 days applies.

For full details of the terms, conditions, exclusions and eligibility criteria please refer to your policy wording.

This benefit is not included with Business Advantage cards.

You can download a claim form below. Completed claim forms can be sent to


Policy definitions

The following definitions are used for domestic rental vehicle cover and are different from definitions used for the equivalent overseas travel insurance benefit.

Rental Vehicle - means a motor vehicle rented or hired by you under a rental agreement from a recognised motor vehicle rental company within New Zealand and is intended for the carriage of passengers.  This would include, but is not limited to, cars, SUV’s, vans and campervans.

Special Type Rental Vehicles are excluded.  These include any vehicle designed for carrying freight, trailers, motorcycles, mopeds, modified or improved vehicle, all terrain vehicles or quadbikes, any vehicle with less than or more than four (4) wheels, and/or vehicle equipped with a lifting apparatus, except if designed for a disabled driver.