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Trip duration limits and extensions

Trip duration limits

The maximum duration of cover for Advantage Visa Platinum cardholders is 90 days (round trip), or for Advantage Business cardholders 35 days (round trip).

You must hold a return travel ticket for your trip before you depart New Zealand that shows a return date within the standard trip limit for your card type.

If you are traveling for longer than this, you have no automatic cover under the policy for any part of your trip.

Cover for longer trips

If your trip is longer than the maximum trip duration applicable to your card type, then provided your trip is no longer than 180 days, you can purchase cover for your trip. You will be entitled to all the normal policy benefits available for trips of a shorter duration.

Complete an eligibility questionnaire and we will provide a quote to cover your entire trip.

For cardholders over the age of 75 years, the premium required to purchase cover for longer trips is built into the Mature Age Traveller premium and you will not see a separate premium for this cover.

This cover can only be purchased prior to your departure from New Zealand.